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Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemicals 

If you own a hot tub or spa then maintaining crystal clear clean water in your hot tub or pool is not hard to do if you use the right hot tub chemicals. Using bromine, chlorine, or some of the other natural products on the market to disinfect your water and control the growth of algae and bacteria will help you enjoy a nice relaxing enjoyable soak in your tub.

Canada Hot Tub Parts carries a wide selection of these products to help you find the right balance of spa chemicals in Canada to get the best performance out of your hot tub. We carry sanitizers, balancers, spa clarifiers, filter cleaners and non chemical products. Our vast knowledge of water chemistry backed by 40 years of experience will help you get the best hot tub chemicals in Canada at the best prices and the knowledge of how to use them. All of our spa chemicals are compatible with all the major hot tub brands. Having a hot water issue that can't be solved? Give us a call 1-855-847-2787 and one of our water experts will help solve your problem. Not sure that chemical program to use? Bromine, Chlorine or Aquafinesse? Easy just ask as we love to discuss water quality

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