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Water Testing

Hot Tub & Spa Water Testing

Applying your chemicals properly to the water is an very important step for a hot tub owner. Bad chemical balance can lead to damage of the hot tub equipment and even hot tub rash known as hot tub folliculitis. Chemical test kits are available in many different methods for testing: Digital Strip Readers,  Liquid, Tablet or Strip. Each method is accurate as long as the instructions are followed and used in the proper way. Most of these variety of hot tub and pool test kits test for bromine, chlorine, alkalinity, ph and calcium hardness.

Liquid test reagents have a limited shelf life and have to be stored in cool areas. People enjoy the use of test strips for there quick accuracy and ease of use. Tablets are dispersed in water that is meant to change colours. If stored in a cool and dry location most testing kits have a two-three year shelf life.

For best results test and adjust you hot water chemistry at least twice a week to maintain good water chemistry and more if the hot tub is used frequently.