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What are Automatic Pool Cleaners ?

Do you feel like you're spending more time cleaning your pool instead of swimming, enjoying and relaxing? It you answer yes, then consider a automatic pool cleaner. Pool cleaners help pool owners clean their pools and give you more free time. Pool cleaners are great as they allow pool owners to virtually eliminate a large part of pool maintenance. Pool cleaners can remove dirt, debris, sand, leaves and bugs. The main question is what type of cleaner is best you you?

The main types of pool cleaners are suction pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners and robotic cleaners. Automatic and robotic cleaners are easy to operate so it is a close to set it and forgot it as possbible. Here is a brief breakdown of the different type of cleaners.

Suction Side Automatic Cleaners

Suction side cleaners attach to the suction line and use the suction from the existing pool pump to run. The pump propels the cleaner and allows it to clean the vinyl picking up small debris. While these type of cleaners have been around for a long time as they are lower cost, fewer moving parts and are easy to maintain. Suction side cleaners increase the pressure on the filtering system and requires weekly backwashing while the pump has to be running to allow it to operate. Examples of a suction side cleaners are the original Baracuda and Kreepy Krawly.


Pressure Side Automatic Cleaners

Pressure side cleaners have been around for years and use the return pressure from the pool to power the cleaner through the water. Unlike suction side automatic cleaners which use the existing filter system, pressure system automatic cleaners do not require this. Most pressure side automatic systems require and additional booster pump to power the system. Pressure side cleaners use a filtration bag attached to the cleaner to catch and contain all the dirt and debris. Example of a Pressure side automatic cleaner is the Polaris Automatic systems.


Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are independent pool cleaning systems that do not use the. existing pool equipment to vacuum the pool. The plug into a GFCI plug outlet, operate a lower costs and provide a superior clean. Robotic cleaners can pick up small debris, scrub the pool floor, walls and waterline. They reduce wear on existing maintenace equipment and the need to empty the filter. Robotic cleaners have become the preferred choice in automatic pool cleaners.