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Waterway Circulation Pumps

Waterway hot tub circulation pumps are an essential component of any hot tub system. These Waterway circulation pumps use a combination of impellers and motors to circulate the water within the hot tub. The impeller draws the water into the pump through the hot tub plumbing and then pushes the water to the hot tub heater and filtering system. Having a dedicated circulation pump also gives you the benefit of reduced energy costs and a more energy-efficient hot tub with reduced energy costs.
Waterway has the Waterway Tiny Might that comes in either 115 volts or 230 volts, designed with a 1" intake and discharge that can be rotated left or right side for 24-hour circulation. If a more robust circulation pump is required, then the Waterway Iron Might Circulation pump features 24-hour circulation, 1.5" intake/discharge, and a larger 48-frame design with multiple union assemblies are available. Both of these pumps provide energy efficiency and crystal clear water and easily accessible replacement parts if required.

All of our Waterway Hot Tub circulation pumps ship freight free to most locations in Canada within 2-3 days and come backed by a Waterway Products 1 Year Warranty. Waterway can provide this warranty as the Iron Might Pump comes with a silicone carbide seal assembly which is corrision resistant against chlorine, bromine and salt. Call us if you require asssitance and one of our customer service techs can help you.