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CMP Jets

CMP (Custom Molded Products) part of the Fluidra Group is a leader in products for the pool and hot tub industry. Innovative products including LED lighting spa systems, spa control valves, spa skimmers and filters, spa sanitizer systems and it's full line of hot tub jets including the most popular and innovative jet styles, Halo Jet, ProLock Jet , Wave Design Jet, Euro Cluster Jet, Typhoon Jet Series and widely used Crown Style Jet Series 200 to Series 500. Coming soon is also the brand new patent pending Quad Roto Jets, with four spinning nozzles which create a wide, soothing flow jet pattern for a soft tissue experience.

Can't find what you are looking for? Give one of our experienced hot tub jet specialists a call 1-855-847-2787 and we will find what you are looking for.