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Hot Tub Covers

At Canada Hot Tub Parts we look to provide the best replacement Hot Tub Covers in Canada specially made for northern climates. These covers are designed to withstand extreme cold temperatures and if used along with a cover lifter, they are sure to last! We also provide cover accessories which include spa cover lifters and spa protection caps. The most economical hot tub cover lifter available is the Cover Valet Cover Rock-it which also comes with a two year warranty. 

Canada Hot Tub Parts provides unbeatable quality hot tub and spa covers at the best possible price. Our covers are made from 28 oz marine grade vinyl which is the strongest in the industry that can withstand harsh winter months and are both UV and mildew resistant. Re-enforced handles for easy cover removal and carrying along with locking down straps to fasten the corners of the cover to the tub. Extra thick 5 "to 3" tapered insulating foam which comes sealed with a 6 mil polyethylene vapour barrier to protect the inserts and increase the life of the cover. All covers are supported with a metal "C" channel to help with snow load and included a full insulated hinge to reduce heat loss in the fold. All backed by a 5 year warranty manufactured in Canada. Select hot tub covers from below starting at $519.99.