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Pool Shock

Chemical Shock Is Very Important For Proper Water Maintenance

Shock is an important step in pool maintenance as it raises your free-chlorine levels and keeps your water healthy and clear. By doing a shock treatment regularly on your pool the algae, chloramines, and bacteria will be destroyed and clear any cloudy water or smells. In peak swimming season, it is recommended to shock your pool once a week, or when you see the beginning of algae growth. A shock must be done if the free chlorine level of your pool is zero, or the combined chlorine level raises up to or beyond 0.5. 

How Often Should You Add Shock to a Swimming Pool?

You should add pool shock to your pool regularly depending on certain factors such as , the size of your pool, how many people use the pool and how frequently? The weather and water temperature will also determine how much and when you should shock your pool. Most pool experts suggest shocking your pool once a week or after heavy useage. You can test your swimming pool water with your test strips and if you are below the recommended range a shock is normally required.