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Salt Water Systems

Salt Water Systems

If you’re looking for a new Salt Cell or a Genesis Replacement Electrode then you probably already have a Salt Chlorinator or Bromine Generator, and are enjoying the benefits of one of the most popular sanitization methods available. The cell (more specifically the electrode inside) uses electricity to separate the chlorine from salt molecules, replacing traditional chlorination methods.

On average, a salt cell should last between 10,000 and 15,000 hours of operation. As long as your water chemistry is kept in balance, and your salt levels are right, this translates to a very long lifespan for your cell. Poor chemistry can cause scale build-up, which can damage and even ruin your cell, causing it to fail prematurely. In addition to maintaining your water chemistry, products like Cell Protect from Natural Chemistry, are designed to fight build-up, and are intended to prolong the life of your new cell.

Salt Chlorinators are a great way to simplify pool maintenance, and we're glad we're able to help you keep your chlorinator in perfect shape, and your pool sparkling.