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Spa Marvel

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner (Spa Marvel) is an environmentally-friendly enzyme based spa water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment. Spa Marvel is great for people who are chemical intolerant to the traditional spa treatment that causes itching, rashes, odors or coughing. People who are eco-conscious and are looking for an alternative to soaking in traditional spa treatment chemicals are are looking for more of a natural hot tub. Spa Marvel also provides a hot tub conditioner and filter cleaner to start off with a clean tub.

The enzymes contained in Spa Marvel are derived from plants extracts. These enzymes help to remove the organic matter necessary for bacteria to live. This is part of the same process of how lakes and streams maintain themselves without massive amounts of chemicals. Spa Marvel is the closest system to a natural hot tub.