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Parts for Above Ground Pools

What is An Above Ground Pool?

A freestanding swimming pool that sits on top of the ground or is dug into the ground several inches below the level ground is normally called an above ground pool. While these pools are designed to be permanent and left up year round there are a few models which can be taked down and stored each season.

An aboveground swimming pool consists on a thin wall most commonly made of steel with resin coatings, a steel or resin frame depending if you have a salt water pool and a vinyl liner. Premium aboveground pools have a resin frame and a aluminium instead of steel wall. A complete steel wall and frame should not be used with a salt water system as this will excelerate the corrision of the metal components and reduce the life expency of the pool.

Thinking of Purchasing a Used Aboveground Pool?

Owning and installing a new above ground pool is a dream of many families, purchasing a used aboveground pool is an option for others. These pools are easily taken down and re-installed in a different location. While inflatable pools are the simplest to remove and install, while a steel frame pool envolves a little more work and the purchase of some pool supplies, replacement parts and pool accessories to complete the installation.

Canada Hot Tub Parts carries a selection of replacement aboveground pool parts from two industry leading manufactureres, Aqua Leader and Atlantic Pool Products. Aqua Leader specializes in resin injection moulding design while Atlantic Pool Products above ground pools offer home owners with an affordable option for there backyards. Whether you require parts for your round or oval above ground pool, a new rhino pad ground cloth or sand filter pump and ladder we can help you find your parts and get you back swimming!