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Air Blower

Enjoy the relaxing and aesthetically pleasing addition of air bubbles in your spa with an air bubbler, a truly essential piece of equipment that enhances the overall therapeutic experience of your hot tub. A air blower adds air to the water pumped through air jets or injects air through small holes in the bottom of the spa. Whether you are looking to add a new complete blower to your spa or replace the parts of your existing one, Canada Hot Tub Parts has got you covered, with a great selection of complete hot tub air blower, air blower motors, and accessories from Hydro Quip. There is a wide selection of long lasting dependable spa blowers that will provide you the right mix of economy and value for your spa application. They come in different horsepower, amperage loads, and heated air. Keep in mind that when selecting an air blower if you have a 1 ½" PVC pipe, do not exceed 1 HP on the air blower.