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Hot Tub & Spa Pumps

Canada Hot Tub Parts is your online source for spa supplies and parts. All of our hot tub pumps are brand new and factory original. Your spa pump is the heart of your hot tub and consists of two parts, the wet end which contains the impeller and seal assembly and the motor which turns the impeller. Spa pumps draw water from the suction fittings and skimmer and return the water through the jets. The front of the pump is considered the intake while the top/side is the discharge. 

When purchasing a replacement Spa Pump in Canada gather up all important information before you select your pump. Frame size 48" or 56", amperage draw and voltage, horsepower and intake size 2" or 2.5". 

What does the Frame Size Mean?

The frame size on a pump is the physical size of the spa pump motor. The frame is the piece that mounts the wet end to the motor, The frame size is located on the motors ID plate usually marked F for frame. The thru bolt spacing is also an indicator of frame size. A 48 frame motor bolts are usually less than 4 inches apart while a 56 frame motor has bolts with spacing more than 4 inches apart.

Centre vs Side Discharge Pumps

Swimming pool and spa pumps are classified in part according to the orientation of their discharge openings. Centre discharge pumps have an opening in the centre of the wet end , while side discharge pumps have an opening located on the side of the wet end. Most side discharge pumps can have the housing change either to the top or side . Side discharge pumps are up to 60% more efficient for pumping out high volumes of water than centre discharge pumps.

At Canada Hot Tub Parts we carry a full line of Waterway Executive 48 or 56 hot tub pumps, Gecko XP2, XPE2 or XP3 main pumps and Laing circulation Pumps. If you have any questions about replacing your spa pump, then contact us at 1-855-847-2787.