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Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid 2 L

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Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid, 2L

Pool First Aid combines a broad spectrum of natural enzymes with clarifiers to fix pool problems quickly. Powerful pool problem solver that works very fast and often without scrubbing.

  • Cleans pool of dead algae, pollen, oil spills, anti-freeze, paint, vandalism and other forms of non-living organic water contamination
  • Frees clogged filters of oil and other forms of non-living organic buildup
  • Removes dead algae quickly and efficiently, in many cases without backwashing.

Clear Cloudy Pools Fast!


  1. Pool First Aid
  2. Add 2oz per 1,000 gallons (60ml per 3785L)
  3. Broadcast Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool
  4. Use every two days until the pool is clear
  5. Apply directly to waterline to remove any existing waterline build up.
  6. Allow chlorine to return to normal levels before adding in Pool First Aid. 
  7. Pool First Aid works better with temperatures are above 72 degrees.