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Mineraluxe Calcium Plus

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Mineraluxe Calcium Plus is used to raise the calcium hardness in your hot tub water. Hot Tub water should have a clicium level of 100-200 ppm to prevent deterioration of hot tub surfaces especially concrete and tile hot tubs. Calcium levels are key in overall chemical efficiency.

Mineraluxe Calcium Plus Application:

  • Add 10 g per 1,000 liters to increase calcium hardness by 10 ppm.
  • Sprinkle directly into hot tub water.
  • Do not pre-dissolve.
  • Run pumps with air controls turned off.
  • Circulate water for 1-2 hrs
  • Size: 550 g

To prevent water from clouding, split the application into 3 does and wait at least 6 hours between each application.