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Mineraluxe 3 Month Kit, Bromine Tablets

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Mineraluxe 3 Month Bromine System is specifically designed for hot tubs to give you a simplified, easy system for maintaining your hot tub water. Based on  Bromine sanitization and the main product, " Cube " which replaces other chemicals required for keeping your hot tub water clear. Eliminates the need for scale inhibitors, water clarifiers, and enzymes. Actively repels biofilm that can build up on the hot tub surface and pipes.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 480g Bromine Tablets
  • 12 x pouches of Oxygen
  • 13 x Mineraluxe Cubes

The kit is designed for approximately three months, depending on the hot tub size, water sources, and use. Larger hot tubs will require additional products, which are available individually.

Mineraluxe Hot Tub Water Care Instructions Click Here