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Mineraluxe Bromine Start-Up Kit

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Mineraluxe Bromine Start-Up Kit

Experience the ultimate in hot tub water care with the Mineraluxe Bromine Start-Up Kit. Specially crafted to provide a seamless and effective way to begin your hot tub journey, this kit combines innovative Mineraluxe technology with the power of bromine sanitization. Achieve sparkling clean and luxuriously soothing water that's a joy to relax in. The kit includes everything you need to establish a healthy and inviting water environment.

Key Components:

• 125g Mineraluxe Cubes
• 4x40g Mineraluxe Oxygen
• 200g Mineraluxe Bromine Tablets
• 600g Mineraluxe Bromine Granules
• 700g Mineraluxe pH Plus
• 750g Mineraluxe Alkalinity Plus
• 950g Mineraluxe pH Minus
• Floater
• Test Strips
• Water Sample Bottle

Elevate your hot tub experience with the Mineraluxe Bromine Start-Up Kit. By incorporating the goodness of natural minerals and the effectiveness of bromine sanitization, this kit sets the stage for countless relaxing moments in your perfectly maintained hot tub sanctuary.