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Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Always Have On Hand

Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts® on Jul 19, 2021

Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Always Have On Hand

When it comes to hot tub maintenance, one of the most important things is to make sure you test your water regularly. Testing your hot tub water will show you what is needed to make it clean and enjoyable, as well as how often you need to treat it. Testing your water should be done at least 2-3 times per week.


100 ppm – 150 ppm

Start with alkalinity first, as this can affect pH due to its nature of acting as a pH buffer. If your alkalinity levels are too low, your pH will increase to an unsafe acidic level. To raise the alkalinity of your water, you will need to follow the instructions of a product such as Spa Boss Alka-Rise.

If your alkalinity levels are too high, your other chemicals will not be as effective and may cause buildup, irritation, scale and algae, and cloudy water. As there are no products that specifically lower alkalinity, you will have to use a pH reducer. This will effectively lower both your alkalinity and pH.

pH Adjusters

7.4 – 7.6

When you test your water for its pH level, you will see how acidic or basic your water is. Your water must be in a range of 7.4 – 7.6 to be safe. Low pH in hot tubs can irritate skin and damage your spa, and high pH can also cause irritation while rendering sanitizer ineffective. For balancing your pH, products like Spa Boss pH Booster and Spa Boss pH Reducer are good to have on hand. For ensuring that the pH in your hot tub stays at a consistent level, consider a product such as Spa Boss pH Stable.


Sanitizers are used to disinfect your hot tub and rid the water of contaminants and bacteria. Water that is regularly sanitized should result in clear and safe water. There are two common options for sanitizers: bromine or chlorine.

The most commonly used sanitizer in hot tubs is bromine since it can come in tabs that are placed in a bromine feeder. Bromine has a less harsh odour than chlorine while also being more effective at killing bacteria.

Another option is a mineral sanitizer which is odourless and more natural, as well as being safer on your swimwear and spa cover. The Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer stick is an easy-to-use product that will make your weekly maintenance less of a hassle.


Shock works as a large dose of oxidizer to restore water clarity and quality. A spa shock treatment should be a regular part of your weekly hot tub maintenance. The most common shock used is chlorine, which is found in Spa Life Shock or Spa Boss Spa Shock.


175 ppm – 250 ppm

Testing for calcium hardness will indicate how hard or soft your water is. If your calcium levels are not properly balanced, your water might get foamy and cloudy, with scale build-up and perhaps damage to parts. To raise the calcium levels in your hot tub, use a product such as Spa Boss Cal-Rise. To lower the calcium, you will have to either fully or partially drain your hot tub.

Water Clarifier

Water clarifiers are a great product that can be used weekly but are not meant to cover up an issue causing cloudy water. Cloudy water in a hot tub should be addressed right away. Using a product such as Spa Boss Spa Clear will reduce the need for chlorine or bromine while also increasing the effectiveness of your filtration.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your hot tub running.
  • Keep hot tub jets on to allow chemicals to mix.
  • Do not cover your hot tub.
  • Turn off all the air valves.
  • Leave your cover off for 1 hour.
  • Once you are ready to get in your hot tub again, make sure to test the water to ensure your chemicals are at the proper level.