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Pool Winterizing Kit, 40,000 Litres

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Pool Closing Kit, 40,000 Litres

This kit contains all the essential chemicals needed for closing your pool. Properly closing your pool for the winter season will make next year's start up quicker and easier, and help cut down costs for expensive repairs. 


This inhibitor will guard against scale and metal staining during the winter months. 


An oxidizer is needed to dissolved any organic matter that the filters and deep clean missed. This works both with bromine and chlorine. 

40% Algaecide - 500 mL

To prevent the build up of algae in your pool during unpredictable weathers of the off-season, an algaecide is recommended. A 40% algaecide will control the growth of algae and help the next pool opening process.


Pool Closing Instructions
  • Keep your filter running, and physically deep clean your pool. This should include cleaning the skimmer basket and pump's hair trap, as well as using a filter cleaner on your filter.
  • Test your water and adjust your chemical levels as needed.

Alkalinity: 80-150 ppm
pH: 7.2 - 7.6
Free Chlorine: 3 - 5 ppm, or Bromine 6 ppm
Calcium: 150-280 ppm

  • Pour one bottle of Stain and Scale Inhibitor evenly in your pool. Wait 4 hours.
  • Add one container of Oxidizer directly into water.
  • Add 1 bottle of Algaecide.
  • Let your water circulate for 8 hours before shutting down your filter.
  • Continue to do a mechanical shut down for your pool.