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Hayward HAXHLI1930 - Hi-Limit 135 Degrees Fahrenheit

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HAXHLI1930 Hayward Hi-Limit 135F

The high limit switch on your Hayward heater serves an essential function, preventing your pool and heater from overheating, and ensuring there is no serious damage over time. When your hi-limit switch is damaged or broken, your heater runs the risk of creating further damage through overheating.

Conveniently, Hayward offers the HAXHLI1930 Hayward Hi-Limit kit for the fast and easy replacement of a damaged or broken hi-limit switch. With just a quick visit from a pool heating professional, you can have your Hayward heater repaired, and functioning like new within moments.

Used With:

  • Hayward Millivolt/Electronic ED1 Heater - H1501C, H150P1C, H2001C, H2501C, H250P1C, H3001C, H300P1C, H3501C, H350P1C, H4001C, H400P1C
  • Hayward Electronic ED2 Heater - H150ED2C, H150PED2C, H200ED2C, H200PED2C, H250ED2C, H250PED2C, H300ED2C, H300PED2C, H350ED2C, H350PED2C, H400ED2C, H400PED2C