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Is Your Hob Tub Energy Efficient Enough?

Oct 18, 2023

Is Your Hob Tub Energy Efficient Enough?

There is nothing better than getting into a hot tub in the winter. The only issue is the cost: your spa will eat up your energy bill as the mercury drops. With gas and electricity prices rising (due to inflation), you're in for more surprises than ever before. 

The solution: Hot tub Cover

But how much can spa cover save you in Canada? And what is a spa or hot tub cover to save energy? Let's find out. 

How much does hot water add to your energy bill? 

The answer is that it depends. About three-quarters of the spa's energy is used to heat or maintain water temperature. The colder the difference between your spa thermostat and the outside temperature, the higher your energy bill. 

Even in the summer, a hot tub or spa can release heat. Consider walking around the neighborhood in nothing but your birthday suit - all that wasted energy turns into more passion. Your spa is no different. Some estimates suggest that a furnace can add 10 to 20 percent to your energy bill without heat insulation. But it depends on where you live, how long you leave your heater on, and if it's exposed. 

Best quality energy-efficient hot tub covers in Canada

Canadian winters are freezing! Only hot tub covers can retain heat. Search for: 

  • Multiple coverage options. Spa and hot tub enclosures feature a wide range, from foam core to aluminum. 
  • Life expectancy. Wind, rain, and ice will damage your insulation over time. To avoid having to replace a hot tub cover, look for covers with fabric and more expensive materials. 
  • Marking process. A reliable, consistent fit is essential. An enclosure with a reliable insulation system will prevent heat and keep cold air out, keeping your tub warm. 
  • UV resistant. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause burns. Choose a coating with UV protection to maintain its appearance and durability. 

Do you need a hot tub cover replacement? 

Is water pooling on your spa cover? It will cost you a lot of money. The insulation can lose up to 90% of its insulation effect. Because water destroys insulation and conducts heat, you can expect higher energy bills.

In addition, any tears, rips, or frayed seams will allow all the heat to escape - and that is without unintentionally bad marks. Oftentimes, it is more expensive to purchase a high-quality thermal insulation material than you are losing money on a monthly basis. 

Don't use more than you need to heat your spa during the Canadian winter. With superior insulation and unmatched durability, Canada Hot Tub parts ensure your spa stays healthy and functional. Shop now and experience the warmth, longevity, and safety of our premium spa covers.