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Best Gifts for Your Hot Tubber Friends

Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts® on Dec 09, 2021

Best Gifts for Your Hot Tubber Friends

Best Gift For Your Hot Tubber Friends

Best Gifts for Your Hot Tubber Friends

With the 2021 holiday season fast approaching, it's time to start considering what you'd like to gift your loved ones. Since this is a stressful time of year, we decided to make it easier on you by providing you great ideas for your hot tubber friends. Anyone who owns a hot tub will surely be thrilled to receive any of these items as a gift. 


Treat your loved one with a new spa thermometer, with a cute design that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. With a securing string and suction cup, this floating thermometer will always stay attached and safe. The temperatures are given in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and is extremely easy to use.

Bubble Blanket

A bubble blanket or thermal blanket is a great gift, as it will help your loved one control the temperature of their hot tub better, making it less expensive to run! This lightweight product floats on the water underneath the cover and saves energy. 


When it comes to hot tub aromatherapy, there are so many options. Anyone would be glad to receive some luxurious scents to spice up their hot tub soak. With hot tub liquids, crystals, and spa bombs, each product is made of a special blend of minerals to target different needs. 

Spa pillows and seat

spa pillow or spa seat is a great gift as it provides more luxury and comfort in a hot tub soak. The spa seat works as a booster seat for smaller hot tub users and provides more comfort

Zorbie/ Sponges

You can't go wrong with Zorbies or hot tub scum sponges. These products are made to remove body oil, makeup, and odours in the spa. They are super easy, affordable, and will make a hot tub cleaner and easier to maintain.

Digital test strip reader

A digital test strip reader will help any hot tub owner keep a good eye on all their chemical levels, and they would definitely be thankful to get this! The Aquacheck Digital Test Strip Reader provides a memory function on top of its regular ability to read chemical levels, and only requires 2aa batteries.