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AquaFinesse - What Is It & How Does It Work?

Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts® on Dec 31, 1969

AquaFinesse - What Is It & How Does It Work?

What Is AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is a natural, environmentally friendly water treatment system for hot tubs. It is designed to help keep your hot tub water cleaner, clearer and easier to maintain by preventing biofilm buildup.

What Is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a slimy substance that bacteria create around themselves for protection. It also allows the bacteria to stick to any damp surface area; creating a safe shelter for feeding and breeding more bacteria.

The more biofilm is allowed to build up, the harder it is for traditional sanitizers like chlorine or bromine to effectively do their job of sanitizing the water. This is because the sanitizers in the water are "spent" killing bacteria on or near the surface of the biofilm. Bacteria lower down is then unaffected and can continue multiplying.

Since it uses up your sanitizer so quickly, biofilm can cause a host of water quality issues from increased chemical usage to cloudy water.

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What Are The Benefits Of AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is designed specifically to break down and loosen biofilm. Once AquaFinesse has broken up and detached the biofilm from the surfaces of your hot tub, it becomes much easier for your sanitizer to do its job. While bacteria will continue to be reintroduced by bathers and the natural environment, it will no longer have the biofilm to protect it and can be easily dealt with by even a relatively low amount of sanitizer.

Along with helping to eliminate biofilm, AquaFinesse can also help if your hot tub water has a high level of calcium, lime or other minerals. It coats these particles, preventing them from coming together to form scale on the surfaces of your hot tub; a common issue with hard water.

Other benefits of AquaFinesse include:

  • It's all natural, environmentally friendly, odour-free and gives your hot tub water a softer, more "natural" feel.
  • It's easy to use. AquaFinesse is a one step system that only requires one minute per week to maintain.
  • It helps to extend the life of your hot tub equipment. By removing biofilm and mineral scale deposits from your hot tub plumbing, jets, pumps and heaters, AquaFinesse allows your pumps and heaters to work more efficiently and can extend their lives by up to 300%.

How Do You Use AquaFinesse?

Before you use AquaFinesse for the first time, you’ll need to take a few minutes to prep your hot tub. After the initial treatment, one minute, one time per week is all it takes.

Preparing Your Hot Tub For AquaFinesse

Before switching to AquaFinesse, a deep clean of the hot tub plumbing and equipment is needed. Simply remove the filter cartridge, turn on all of the jets, and add AquaFinesse Spa Clean to your warm water. Run the jets for 15-30 minutes then drain and refill the hot tub with fresh water.

This initial deep clean breaks up and removes any existing biofilm in the hot tub; allowing the weekly maintenance treatment to effectively do its job of preventing further biofilm growth.

Weekly Maintenance

Once your hot tub has been deep cleaned, a weekly dose of AquaFinesse is all you will need to prevent the growth of biolfim and scale buildup in your hot tub (Note that you will still need to add your regular doses of sanitizer and shock to the water as well as keeping it balanced).

Simply check your AquaFinesse bottle to see how much is required for your hot tub, shake up the bottle and pour it in. Turn on the jets for two minutes to activate AquaFinesse, and that’s it!

For best results, clean your hot tub filter cartridge using AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets every 3-4 months to ensure your filters are running at peak efficiency.