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5 Easy to Use Hot Tub Care Products | Canada Hot Tub Parts®

Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts® on Dec 31, 1969

5 Easy to Use Hot Tub Care Products | Canada Hot Tub Parts®

Hot tub maintenance can sometimes feel like a demanding chore, so why not find ways to make the upkeep a little easier. With these following hot tub cleaning products, you’ll be able to keep your hot tub clean and fresh without breaking too much of a sweat over it. 

The Scumball

This hot tub product is also great for use in pools, as the molecular structure attracts and absorbs oils. This includes body oils, scented oils, and suntan lotions. With this product, you’ll be able to maintain a proper pH level, and keep the odor in your hot tub to a minimum, while also reducing that dreaded scum line on your tub.

Simply place the Scumball in the pool skimmer, or you can even let it free float. Once it’s saturated, take it out and add a new one (which should be done at least every 30 days). This simple product will increase the time between your hot tub cleanings and help prolong your hot tub filter life.

Zorbie Water Bobble

This product works very similarly to the Scumball, as it reduces odors and absorbs oils. An added benefit to this product is its ability to reduce foaming, keeping your hot tub water crystal clear. Just as easy to use, all you must do is place it in or near the water skimmer, and then replace every 30-90 days.

Spa Sponge or Spa Pad

This sponge is made from crushed walnut shells, so you know it is gentle yet effectively strong enough to remove the heavy dirt and grime you don’t want, giving your hot tub a clean look. This spa cleaner is not only long lasting and reusable, but it also ensures that you won’t scratch the surface of your hot tub.Just use it to wipe away the dirty residue you don’t want on your hot tub shell, and make sure to do a test area first, just to be safe.

Ultra Mitt

The ultra mitt is another easy-to-use item. It cleans those scum lines and dirt on your hot tub shell, and you just wear it like a glove. The latex mitt helps protect your hands from any chemicals you may choose to use, and it also ensures to not scratch the surface. Wipe away all the dirt and grime you don’t wipe by using this glove to polish your hot tub

Spa Boss Spa Polish 

SpaBoss Spa Polish | Master Spa Parts

This specialty item seals and shines your hot tub, leaving a hard, protective, water repellant coat on any acrylic and fiberglass hot tub finishes. To use it, you have to make sure you shake the bottle first, and then clean and dry the surface. With a damp cloth, spread the Spa Polish evenly over the surface with a circular motion, allowing it to dry to a haze, then buff it out to your desired gloss with a clean and dry cloth.

Hot Tub Care

Another great added bonus about all these products is their prices. You won’t be breaking the bank to buy loads of cleaning products anymore, and instead you can buy the ones that work and are easy.

Now with your knowledge of these products, doesn’t it make your hot tub care sound a whole lot easier?