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Perfect Teflon lubricant for sealing O-rings

MAGIC LUBE is a multipurpose sealing lubricant that can be used for sealing pump unions, o-rings, gaskets, and other spa and pool equipments. It is PTFE-based, non-melting and non-toxic formula that even works in the extreme conditions, such as salt. Designed corrosion-resistant
on materials such as plastic, metal, rubber. Even under extreme shock loads, it forms a long-lasting, adhesive layer that prevents contact.


  • Non-flammable, non-staining, non-dripping, and odourless.
  • Can be used under the most severe conditions with a wide temperature range (0F - 425F)
  • Waterproof and can be used in both wet and dry environments.
  • Environmentally safe and corrosion free.


  • Hot tub pump unions and pool pump union
  • O-rings, gaskets and unions
  • Bearings and union threads
  • Water filters