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Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter

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Pure Fill Spa Pre Filter

Start fresh with clean water and fill your spa with bottled water! Pure fill spa pre-filter remove contaminents and junk from the water that is being used to fill the spa. Filling the spa with clean water quality will help minimize stains and scaling, and also makes it easier for water balancing. Highly recommended for use if filling from a well as your source water, if water is hard or if using a bromine salt generator

Pre Filter Features:

  • Connects to a standard garden hose
  • Removes chemical by products
  • Removes suspended solids
  • Removes chlorine 
  • Removes organic debris
  • Removes rust & iron particles
  • Removes phosphates
  • Removes color and odors
  • Removes spores and parasites
  • Removes pesticide residues
  • Good up to 1,200 US gallons (approx 3-4 Complete fills for a normal size spa)
  • Water flow of 2 GPM / 7.5 LPM


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    Great Product & Exceptional Service!

    Posted by Dave on 17th May 2014

    I have bought these on several occasions and these are one of the best form the others in the market place. What is more is that these guys are so prompt. Great product with great service! What else can you ask for. Buy here guys!