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Hayward HAXFCT1930 Flow Control Thermostat

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Hayward HAXFCT1930 Flow Control Thermostat

Hayward heaters are known across Canada for their long-lasting and efficient service for pool owners. Hayward heaters include many different switches and parts that ensure that your heater can operate safely, and that when things go wrong, that the most essential components of your heater are protected. The HAXFCT1930 Hayward Flow Control Thermostat provides a replacement for the original flow control thermostat on Hayward H-Series heaters.

The HAXFCT1930 Hayward Flow Control Thermostat fits all H-series models including. This small part is essential to ensuring safe heating and flow through your Hayward heater, and can be replaced within minutes by a pool technician who has worked with Hayward heaters before.

Used With:

  • Hayward Millivolt/Electronic ED1 Heater - H1501C, H150P1C, H2001C, H2501C, H250P1C, H3001C, H300P1C, H3501C, H350P1C, H4001C, H400P1C
  • Hayward Electronic ED2 Heater - H150ED2C, H150PED2C, H200ED2C, H200PED2C, H250ED2C, H250PED2C, H300ED2C, H300PED2C, H350ED2C, H350PED2C, H400ED2C, H400PED2C