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Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts® on Dec 31, 2018

Getting Into Hot Water | Canada Hot Tub Parts®

        Welcome to Canada Hot Tub Parts first attempt at a blog ! I have been asked many times over the years what should I look for in a Hot Tub ? While different features are important to different people I have found that the most important is the seating capacity and comfort of the hot tub shell.  You are sitting in the spa trying to relax and enjoy the soothing jets when you realize that the jets aren't placed in the correct position , or your knees are in your chest and the person beside you is almost sitting on your lap .

At that moment who cares what you paid for the hot tub or how many jets it has. This is why when you are going to purchase a new hot tub I would always sit in the spa first or ask you a wet test. If the retailer doesn't offer a wet test then he isn't to serious about selling you a hot tub.

After you have decided on the hot tub shell size ,I would look at the type of Hot tub equipment that is on the spa. The major equipment OEM'S like Gecko Depot , Balboa Instruments and Waterway have been producing quality spa pacs for years and carry a full line up of spa pumps , and hot tub accessories . I would stick with these companies as there replacement hot tub parts are available for most retailers and online hot tub companies.

I'm personally a big fan of buying from your local company and Canadian Manufacturers. Canada has several high quality spa manufacturers , Hydropool Hot tubs , Beachcomber Hot tubs and Arctic Spas are the three largest.

Each one has different features and all use quality hot tub parts. So take a look at these three Canadian Companies