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10 Reasons Your Hot Tub Is Not Getting Hot Enough

Posted by Canada Hot Tub Parts on Jan 28, 2022

10 Reasons Your Hot Tub Is Not Getting Hot Enough

10 Reasons Your Hot Tub Is Not Getting Hot Enough

10 Reasons Your Hot Tub Is Not Getting Hot Enough

Why is your hot tub not getting hot?

When you buy a hot tub, you expect your hot tub temperature to continually stay hot enough for a relaxing hot tub soak. It’s never fun to get suited up and ready to go relax in your hot tub, only to find out your water isn’t hot enough. What should you do if this happens? Your first thought might be, just turn up the heat. While this may work temporarily and heat your water more, it is vital that you target the reason for this occurrence. So, what should you do if your hot tub water isn’t getting hot enough?

Inspect your hot tub and equipment

The reason your spa water isn’t heating could be due to your hot tub heater. Check your heater for any external damage first. Make sure the wires and connections are still intact and tight and inspect the power source to ensure it is working as well. Any damage may require a new heater or replacement parts to get your hot tub up and running properly.

Bad sensor/high limit switch

A hot tub temperature sensor or high limit switch that isn’t properly working may turn off your heater before it is necessary to do so, as it thinks the water is hotter than it truly is. This can happen if your hot tub filters, hot tub jets, or suction intakes are clogged, or if your hot tub pump is on low speed. If this is not the case, your sensor might need adjusting, or replacing.

Invest in a good hot tub cover

Check out your current hot tub cover. Is it cracked, dipping, or too heavy? That probably means its old and you need a new one! A proper hot tub cover will do wonders at fixing many different hot tub problems. Getting a thicker cover will allow for much better insulation, and result in minimal heat loss. Also consider getting a hot tub cover with thicker poly wrap, to allow your cover to last even longer. Another hot tub cover feature to look into is a fully insulated hinge seal, which will provide more protection from heat escape. 

Looking for something different? Try out a Covana hot tub cover, or even a roll up spa cover. With so many different options for hot tub lids, it's easy to find something that suits your needs best. 

Run your hot tub longer

The problem with your heating may simply be that you are not running your hot tub long enough. Try running your circulation pump and heater at high speed until your water is back to normal, then be sure to increase the length of time you are running your hot tub.

Time for a new filter

If your filter is old and dirty and well-used, try taking it out to clean it. Even better, get a brand new and clean filter! Clogged filters will prevent your water from properly flowing through the heater, which would hinder the heating process.

Air blower

While hot tub air blowers are great to have, you don’t want to run them continuously. Air blowers must intake cold air, which can be what is cooling down your hot tub. Try turning it off for some time and note if it helps.

It’s too cold!

Some hot tubs that are not made as high quality may not be able to withstand winter weather that brings -30 and even -40 weather. When it is this cold for your outdoor hot tub, it may simply be unable to heat the water properly. If this is the case, it may be worth looking into insulating your cabinet some more. Other great options for keeping the heat in your hot tub is a floating thermal blanket foam or a hot tub bubble blanket.

Check your water level

If your water level isn’t high enough, your hot tub may be drawing air into the suction, causing your heater to potentially overheat and shut down. To prevent this, simply be sure to top up your water regularly. 

Hopefully by now you’ve targeted your hot tub heating problem. Be sure that you get professional help should you not feel comfortable making any repairs or replacements. And most of all, be sure to enjoy a hot soak in your hot tub!