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Water Wand Pro – Filter Cleaning Wand

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Water Wand Pro – Filter Cleaning Wand CWL056

Life Water-Wand Pro Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner effectively emits fine, concentrated jets of water, into individual filter pleats. Regular filter cleaning achieves maximum filtration results and extends filter life.


  • Uses less time and water than traditional means.
  • Connects directly to garden hose
  • Thumb control lever for single hand operation and easy flow adjustment.
  • Features a flexible comb design and 6 separate water nozzles are used to clean in between pleats.
  • No messed-up spray back
  • Performs effectively in most situations with adequate main water pressure
  • Handle that is easy to hold
  • Built to reach difficult-to-reach locations


  1. Attach the Water-Wand Pro to a standard garden hose
  2. Set your cartridge filter on a solid base, floor, etc
  3. Turn on water and insert the fingers into the filter, start at the top
  4. Work in smooth strokes working your way down the pleats to the bottom of the filter
  5. Rotate the filter and repeat until you have made two full cleaning rotations