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Portable Hot Tubs

Plug & Play Hot Tubs 


Looking for a hot tub that will give you the ease of installation just plug into a normal 110v-120v plug but with the option to wire 240V, a mid-range budget but with many of the features of a standard inground hot tub?

Welcome to the world of Plug & Play Hot tubs. These units are normally made by a Rotational Molded machine which makes them durable, available in seating for 1-6 people, insulated, come with hydrotherapy jets, and a variety of options such as waterfalls, built-in pillows, led lighting, and Balboa or Gecko controls that allow these units to be Wi-Fi enabled. Different than inflatable hot tubs but still easy to move the hot tub to a different location if need be but still can maintain a proper water temperature like more expensive premium hot tubs.

Plug and play spas are simple, affordable, and very durable, and can fit into any backyard setting. Most spas come with a matching high-quality hard cover and have the option for matching steps and a cover lifter to make removing the hot tub cover before use and ease of putting the cover back on the hot tub after a hot tub soak.

Plug & Play hot tubs are available in a variety of sizes with loungers, spacious bench seats, or all buckets.