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Georgian 4 Person 40 Jet Hot Tub

4 Person Hot Tub is a Best Seller

This 4 person hot tub is ideal for couples, small families and installations where space is limited. Celebrate the finer things in life and enjoy our Georgian Hot Tub in this amazing mid sized all-inclusive hot tub package. Reliable operation and energy-efficient ownership make the Northern Hot Tubs Georgian model a smart choice for the medium sized hot tub shopper that is looking for a well-built, well equipped hot tub package at a great price. A 4 person is the best selling size as the physical dimensions are about 80 inches x 80 inches classifying it as a medium size hot tub. While most people believe that size is related to price this is not necessarily true. It is the amount of options that normally increase the price of the hot tub not the hot tub shell size directly.

A 4 person hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs is comfortable for four while primary being used by 2-3 people on a regular basis. If you the type of person who likes the social aspect of a hot tub or with a larger family then you may want to consider a 6 person hot tub because sitting comfortably in your hot tub is the most important consideration when selecting which model is for you.

So if you are in the market for a new hot tub then size is a very important consideration so that you will enjoy the great hydrotherapy and wellness features of a hot tub.