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Cover Valet Fragrance Pick 3

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Cover Valet Aromatherapy Crystals- Pick 3

Enjoy 3 different aromas for your hot tub. These Spa Crystals fragrance features a unique blend of extracts and essentials minerals that blend in perfect harmony to create the only fragrance crystals formulated specifically for the spa/hot tub industry. A soothing combination of epsom salts, pacific sea salts, and essential oils formulated to maximize your aromatherapy experience. Spa Crystals are designed specifically for hot tubs, spas and baths

Hot Tub Fragrance Features:

  • Formulated for Spas and Hot Tubs
  • High concentration of fragrance
  • 19 oz/544 g of fragrance crystal in each bottle
  • Cucumber Melon, Pomegranate, Jasmine or Eucalyptus