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Spa Ph Decreaser

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Spa pH Decreaser for Hot tubs

Spa pH Decreaser lowers the pH of water in Hot Tubs & Spas

  • Brings ph level to an ideal range
  • Reduces skin and eye irritation
  • 907 grams
  • Sodium Bisulfate 91%


Hot Tub pH Decreaser lowers the pH of water in spas and hot tubs. Spa and hot tub water should be maintained between a pH of 7.4 And 7.6. Maintaining spa water pH in recommended ranges is key to proper balance. Regular use reduces scaling damage to metal parts, pump parts and heaters caused by high pH. Improves the effectiveness of sanitizers and reduces eye irritation


Directions for Use:

Read the entire label before using.
1. Test spa water for pH level
2. Compare pH test results to chart to determine the appropriate amount on spa pH decrease necessary to make adjustment.
3. With the hot tub not in use and circulation pump operating add required amount directly into spa water. Continue circulating water a minimum of 30 minutes
4. Retest and adjust if necessary
Natural Chemistry's Spa Products are designed to simply spa care and to quickly fix problems that arise and help reduce headaches so that you can enjoy soaking in your tub. Who would of known that in 1989 when the company was launched based on enzyme technology that they would become a leading player in the hot tub chemicals market. Natural Chemistry has grown to acquired SeaKlear and Aqualus to offer three strong brands in the specialty chemical market specifically designed to help all spa owners.