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8 Person Hot Tubs

8 person hot tubs are great for large families

Enjoy a nice time with your friends and family this season with an 8-person hot tub. This large hot tub is a option for you if you have a large family or your house is a party hotspot. Typically, a 8 person hot tub can accommodate more than eight people. We state capacity of eight in terms of a comfortable number of people, not the maximum number of users. A hot tub that seats 8 people takes up approximately twice as much deck space as one that seats 4. Also, a bigger hot tub requires more energy to heat and maintain.

Our 8-person hot tubs are well built and designed to withstand the severe Canadian climate. They are well-insulated and equipped. When you're ready for your large party or private hot tub session, just open the cover and get in. Using our handy iOS or Android app, you can adjust the temperature or control your hot tub. Correctly installed hot tubs are usually far more enjoyable for their owners. 

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