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6 Person Hot Tubs

6 to 7 person hot tubs are great fun for family and friends

A 6 person hot tub is also an entertainer's delight because it offers space for up to three couples or larger families with kids. A large hot tub that seats six people measures roughly seven feet square. Typically, a 6 person hot tub can accommodate more than six people. We state capacity of six in terms of a comfortable number of people, not the maximum number of users. So if you are a family of four, or even five or six, this hot tub will fit enough people to make the best moments. While choosing the size, make sure that there is enough room in case you are inviting another couple or family to enjoy the hot water.

A perfectly sized hot tub that continues to be in high demand among Canadians. Adding a 6 person hot tub to the property adds value, excitement, and occasionally even romance to single-family homes and vacation rentals. If you happen to have a pool, adding a 6-person hot tub to your outdoor area to extend your swimming season at the start and end of the season is an amazing idea. Correctly installed hot tubs are usually far more enjoyable for their owners. So make sure that you have enough room in your space to leave room for the cover to open and close and for the entry step.